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Перевод стихотворения Есенина "Жизнь-обман"

Оригинал: https://slova.org.ru/esenin/zhiznobman/

t’s a hoax, with enchanting anguish,
That’s why life is strong, and full of gloom:
Often, with its rough hand, in harsh language,
It sends notes, exclaiming, «You are doomed!»

Every time I close my eyes, I’m saying:
«Only make my heart somewhat alert.
Life is fake, though some lies and pain,
When adorned with joys, get less absurd.

Face the gray-haired sky, whose life ain’t ending,
Prophesize your future with the moon,
Just calm down. You’re mortal. Quit demanding,
You don’t need to know the truth so soon.»

Living through a snowstorm from bird cherries,
It’s so nice to think that this is fate:
May my lightweight ladies dupe, not caring,
May I by light male friends be betrayed.

May I be caressed by words of tender,
May there speak some razor-edged, vile tongue,
I’ll accept whatever life will render,
Mercilessly used to all its wrongs.

These bright heights are making my heart colder,
Warmth from starlight fires one can’t detect:
Those, whom I had loved, renounced or sold me,
Those, for whom I’d lived, won’t recollect.

Yet, though I’ve been pressed and persecuted,
I keep looking forward to each dawn,
And my love for Earth cannot be muted,
I thank life for all that’s going on.

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Тәріздес шығармалар

Dorro Otto 02 Маусым 2020 08:41

Замечательно! Beautifully!